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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Tropical Fish Aquarium - Six Aquarium Tips for the Beginner

If you have you decided to purchase a new aquarium, make sure to do a little research into what is necessary in maintaining a clean tank and to keep healthy fish. It is important to have some good advice of keeping fish before starting out.

It is important to learn and understand the basics of keeping fish before buying your first aquarium. You can get very useful aquarium tips and advice from the actual aquarium sellers, who are normally very experience and well informed, or you may have a neighbour or friend who has maintained an aquarium for years. These aquarium tips can help you keep your aquarium clean and healthy.

Here are six aquarium tips that every beginner must learn and understand before buying their fish tank:

1. It is extremely advisable that you do not go for a very small aquarium. It is always recommended to have a large fish tank, which can hold a minimum of at least 20-25 gallons of water. This ensures enough breathing space for the fish.

2. Having a large tank also has other benefits too. The most noticeable is that it allows for a more uniform temperature gradient. This not only leads to better water chemistry, but also encourages growth of beneficial bacteria and algae.

3. Typically you will need one gallon of water to keep 1 inch of fish. Make sure that your keep this ratio in mind before deciding to add more fish to your aquarium.

4. You should allow any bacteria to grow in the fist tanks, in particular along the sides of the filter, sponges and the sides of the fish tank. The bacteria will keep the water pure and healthy. Dont make the mistake of washing filters under running tap water. You will only be making the mistake of throwing away useful bacteria. Instead, make sure that you wash the filters within the fish tank itself.

5. Your must take the time to clean/change the tank water at regular intervals. This will help to remove any solid waste that will accumulate, and also greatly improve the appearance of your tank.

6. Finally, you must be careful when it comes to feeding your fish. Try to let the supply of feed reach bare minimum before you replenish it. It will only lead to wastage if the fish feed in continuously overstocked.

By following these few aquarium tips you will help to keep your fish healthy. You will learn more once you start to maintain your own aquarium.

Tropical Fish Aquarium

Tropical Fish Aquarium - You Must Afford Aquarium Supplies

If you are considering buying an aquarium full of fish or if you already own one, then you cannot afford to stop there. Just like any other pets, fish in aquariums require a lot of care and attention. You cannot just throw fish into an aquarium and expect them to survive and thrive. You must purchase the proper aquarium supplies for your fish.

I'm pretty passionate about this subject because owning a pet supplies store I have seen far too many people choose to own fish because "they are easier and require less than other pets." While this is true on many levels, it is no excuse for people to not buy the proper kinds of aquarium supplies for their pets.

If you are unsure of what kinds of aquarium supplies you might need for the fish you have purchased or are hoping to purchase, then look no further than to a pet supply store for help. Go to a store near you and talk to someone that is knowledgable about aquarium supplies. Ask all of your questions and allow them to lead to aquarium supplies that are reasonable and necessary for the livelihood of your fish. Make sure that you have a full understanding of the needs of your fish before you purchase them. You need to realize that fish take work just like any other pet and that something will be required of you in taking care of them.

If you aren't quite ready to visit a pet supply store, then go to your local library and find some resources on starting an aquarium and filling it with the right aquarium supplies. There are many great resources out there, you just need to find them and learn what you can. You can also benefit greatly in learning about the proper aquarium supplies by doing an internet search based on the kinds of fish you have or are thinking of purchasing.

When it comes time to actually purchase aquarium supplies, you'll want to make your way back to the pet supplies store. No where else will you find as great of help from people who really know what they are talking about. So get to your local petshop and find all the aquarium supplies you need. And don't worry, most aquarium supplies come in a wide variety of price ranges, so don't feel obligated to run off and buy the most expensive ones. Instead, go for what fits your budget.

Having fish can be a great and fun thing. Just be sure to fill your aquarium with the right supplies and your fish will live long and stay happy.

Tropical Fish Aquarium

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Tropical Fish Aquarium - Tips For Buying Tropical Fish

Before you go out and buy some tropical aquarium fish you must take into consideration a few factors. You want to get the best fish you can so I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s important to do some research and learn what to look for when you go to the pet shop to buy your fish.

I’m going to talk to you today about how to spot healthy and colorful fish that will help you create a stunning aquarium. Here are a few things you should look for:

1, Look for fish that come to the front of the glass when looking in the tank. If a fish hides at the back or in ornaments then that fish is not going to be a good buy. The fish must swim around freely and without any problems.

2, If been fed, look for fish that are quick to feed. These fish will grow bigger, have more color and be healthier in general. The others that take time before starting to feed are likely to be smaller fish that may be bullied by the others.

3, Don’t buy dark or very pale colored fish. These fish have a risk of having disease or been under stress and might not last long when been moved to your aquarium.

4, If buying livebearers make sure the females aren’t heavily pregnant. These fish will become very stressed when been moved and can often die as a result. Instead look for medium sized females that don’t have a big round bump.

5, Ask assistance and do your research before about fish you are going to keep together and if they are compatible. Make sure you don’t mix peaceful fish with very aggressive fish.

6, Make sure you only buy a few fish at a time. If you buy all your fish at once you will overstock your tank and cause ammonia problems which could result in deaths.

Tropical Fish Aquarium

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Tropical Fish Aquarium - Aquarium Fish Buying Tips

It's very important as part of your plan for having successful aquarium to take note of the type of inhabitants. One of the most important elements of you aquarium will naturaly be fish.

Never buy fish before finding out about its requirement first.
You really need to take your time to ask questions and be very observant when you are in the aquarium store. There are lots of aquarium stores with unknowledgeable owners, so you don't base your decision on their advice alone... make sure you take a look at the fish yourself.

If you can make friends with some of the staff in the store they will possibly tell you more about the lifestyle of the fish you are intending to pick.

Below are some basic guidelines to consider when buying new fish.

- The following points all need to be considered:

- Is your fish tank at the right temperature?

- Are your water conditions correct?

- How big does it get? - It may be small now, but will your other fish be at risk when it grows?

- Is it a territorial - or will it be happier in a group?

Can you supply the right food for it?

Remember that the key to successful fishkeeping is happy, stress-free fish, so don't be tempted into buying an incompatible species jut because you think it's attractive - you'll regret it.

Sometimes it can be difficult to be patient, particularly if the dealer has a species of fish that you really want. But it's important not to rush things. Don't try to add too many fish to your tank at once - and always check that the fish are healthy.

Tropical Fish Aquarium